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Sources say that the Mayor and City Council will be reaching a handshake deal by 11 PM today. From what we know, that deal is full of smoke and mirrors that shift funds around really defunding the NYPD.

It is critical that we put pressure on our City Council members to vote NO on any budget that doesn't get cops out of schools, out of homeless services, and reduce headcount.

Use this tool to call and email City Council, pushing for #DefundNYPD.


Call the council members who have committed to defunding to make sure that they will vote no on any budget that doesn't significally cut the NYPD.

My name is [name] and I live in [neighborhood]. I am calling to ask [Council Member X] to vote no on a budget that does not contain at least $1 billion in meaningful cuts to the NYPD and reinvesting those funds into communities and human services.

We need at least $1 billion in meaningful cuts that targets the expense budget and uniformed officer headcount so we can actually reduce policing in our communities. Any attempts to transfer officers from one department to another, cap overtime which cannot truly be capped, or other so-called cuts that don’t actually reduce policing are just shell games and fuzzy math.

We must get cops out of our schools, subways, homeless and social services, and reinvest that money in Black communities, in youth programs, education, and human services.

Will [Council Member X] commit to voting no on the budget if it doesn’t do these things?


Send these council members an email, demanding that we cut the NYPD budget meaningfully and reject any budget not in line with the #DefundNYPD demands.


.@NYCCouncil — will you commit to VOTE NO on a budget UNLESS it cuts at least $1b in meaningful cuts - from expense budget and officer headcount, not just transfers to other departments - and reinvests in Black communities, youth, education, and human services?